Reworking HidGuardian

Hellas, I’m a bit late on this fairly breaking news – unbelievable, I know – but here we go. You might have already had the honor to play around with my bastard-child device “firewall” HidGuardian. If you haven’t; check it out! In a month or so. When the new version is ready. Hopefully. Gah┬á­čśů Now,

Engaging censorship

Yo mates, just a quick update; in case you wondered where all the issue trackers went: I got hacked by Sony. Just kidding, I’m simply losing track once again, too much stuff is going on in parallel currently so best option for you is to just drop by my Discord and engage in a discussion

ViGEm goes Crypto!

Heya! Exciting news, fellow gaming enthusiasts! I’ve been thinking about how I could possibly devote more time to my projects and the community gathered around them. Since I currently enjoy full-time employment – which let’s me pay my bills – I can only spend a limited amount of my free time on ViGEm and related

Not dead, just busy

PSA: I am not dead, yet. Just spending a lot of time preparing an old-school LAN Party, authentic hardware, Windows 98 and everything┬á­čśÇ See ya in April!

Rogue XInput Capabilities Bug – Part 1

Greetings! It’s time to shed some light on yet another interesting ViGEm/XUSB bug I had to wrap my head around for quite some time now. The related issue has been around since mid-summer 2017 but about half a year is still a good average time span for me fixing bugs┬á­čśů┬áLike the headphone-device-bug this one required

New ViGEm Installer

Merry Christmas y’all!┬á­čśâ I have a small yet powerful Christmas present for my trusty users. As you might have noticed, the installation of the ViGEm Bus was a bit rough on both the documentation and the procedure itself. I’ve experimented a lot with conventional and unconventional methods, even with my beloved Advanced Installer. But in

O how joyfully

Greetings, Public announcement: I am not dead. End of announcement. Last few weeks I had to devote more time towards my job and keeping the Christmas money rolling in┬á­čśť┬áPrivate life also wanted a slice of my cake of time, didn’t want to share but you know… can’t always escape to the code cave. Anyways, I

Started working on AirBender

Hey, it’s been a while since I touched topics solely devoted to my beloved Sony DualShock 3 controller, mainly because, well, ViGEm ­čśü┬áTrace on ScpToolkit┬áhas gone cold for a couple months now but a shard of hope I can present for the community. I will split and port the connection-oriented low-level components within the toolkit

ViGEm v1.13.0.0 released

Hey, Version is out, containing the following improvements: Fixed freezing the host machine on Windows 7 Attaching virtual devices (plugging in children) is now a blocking operation. It’s backwards compatible to software using the deprecated┬áViGEmUM┬álibrary. The new┬áViGEmClient┬álibrary provides APIs for both blocking and asynchronous plugin. New API documentation. Updated example implementations. So two big

ViGEm Roadmap-thingy

Yo, once again I’d like to inform you what’s going on in the development dungeon. Whacking together a quick list of stuff I wanna work on the next couple days/weeks regarding the ViGEm framework. Redesign user-mode library Currently ViGEmUM.dll is responsible for interaction with the bus driver and providing developers with access to the emulation