Started working on AirBender

Hey, it’s been a while since I touched topics solely devoted to my beloved Sony DualShock 3 controller, mainly because, well, ViGEm 😁 Trace on ScpToolkit has gone cold for a couple months now but a shard of hope I can present for the community. I will split and port the connection-oriented low-level components within the toolkit

ViGEm v1.13.0.0 released

Hey, Version is out, containing the following improvements: Fixed freezing the host machine on Windows 7 Attaching virtual devices (plugging in children) is now a blocking operation. It’s backwards compatible to software using the deprecated ViGEmUM library. The new ViGEmClient library provides APIs for both blocking and asynchronous plugin. New API documentation. Updated example implementations. So two big

ViGEm Roadmap-thingy

Yo, once again I’d like to inform you what’s going on in the development dungeon. Whacking together a quick list of stuff I wanna work on the next couple days/weeks regarding the ViGEm framework. Redesign user-mode library Currently ViGEmUM.dll is responsible for interaction with the bus driver and providing developers with access to the emulation

ViGEm v1.10.2.0 released

Ey, a big update of the bus driver was just released. I’m happy to announce, that I was finally able to fix two of the nastiest long-time bugs in the bus driver: While emulating xbox 360 controller a buggy audio device appears Understanding Reports Fortunately both were linked to the same (stupid) mistake I made

ViGEm v1.10.1.0 released

Yo, a stable release for real this time 😅 I reverted the dummy audio device pseudo-fix I blogged about in the past. But we have some progress also; the axis value offset calculation in XnaGuardian was faulty due to my impressive math skills 😁 This is also fixed now, meaning that the values submitted via the override functions now

ViGEm v1.10.0.0 faulty

Ey, I did a lot of research and testing the last couple days and have to share some results. In the latest release I assumed I fixed the bug where a deaf XBOX 360 headset was appearing on the system when – for some odd reason – the Up button on the D-Pad was pressed. After

ViGEm v1.10.0.0 released

I know the latest ViGEm release has bin out for quite some time but I have to drop a few notes on this one. Although I managed to fix an annoying long-term bug it seems I went a bit overboard from what users are reporting. I will investigate and – yet again – fix it

Updated Forums and fixed mailing

Heya, I just updated the forums to the latest and greatest beta of Flarum and switched over from PHP 5.6.x to PHP 7.0.x. I also changed the mail driver to use PHP’s built-in mailing function and successfully tested it a couple minutes ago. Hopefully you can now finally keep updated on posts via mail notifications.

Buggy versioning in v1.5.x.x to v1.8.x.x

There was a bug in my version helper utility which I use to keep the projects version information in sync. This could have lead to problems when updating the drivers since a driver with the same version might have already been present in the Windows Driver Store. This will be fixed in the next release

ViGEm Framework Roadmap

I got asked about a long-term roadmap for the ViGEm project so here it is. It’s sorted by appearance in my head, not priority or chronology or something that’s close to a system 😜 Add/Improve Documentation I won’t sugarcoat it; I suck at documenting my APIs and ideas 😅 It’s not that I’d dislike documentation but I’d rather
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