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About DsHidMini

DsHidMini is a universal driver for the dated yet beloved DualShock 3, Navigation and Motion Controllers used by the Sony PlayStation 3. It's aimed to be a full, modern replacement of the discontinued ScpToolkit, feature-rich yet lightweight providing a wide range of compatibility with existing Games, Tools and Emulators. Developed for and compatible with latest Windows 10.

Not yet release-ready

The project is currently developed and tested in private and is aimed to be released in early 2021. Watch this page for updates 😁 See the Roadmap for a list of open/in-progress tasks 👀


2020-03-18 15-28-03 DsHidMini Demo PCSX2 1.5.0


2020-10-20 Rumble Racing ForeFeedback packet tracing PCSX2 1.5.0