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Getting migrated

Since the project is now public on GitHub, new problems and feature requests will be recorded and discussed on the issue tracker. This page might not be up to date until fully migrated.

Rough road map with useful features (in no particular order):

  • Implement auto-disconnect on wireless after idle timeout to save battery ⚡
  • Implement/expose more options to control pairing behavior ⬇️
    • Add toggle option to UI to globally disable or enable auto-pairing
    • Add per-device action to UI to pair to user-defined MAC address
  • UI tool for configuration 🚧
  • Test/fix power behavior (like, what happens when the system wants to sleep with controllers connected etc.) ⚡
  • Integrate ViGEm client SDK for XInput support ⚡
    • Might become obsolete by potential collaboration with DS4Windows
  • Test and document setup with PCSX2, RetroArch ⚡
  • Implement/expose rumble support via PID/FFB ⚡
    • Craft and test necessary PID section for report descriptor
    • Add OEM registry values for DirectInput to detect effects
    • Decode and implement output and feature reports
      • Constant Force effect is implemented
  • Implement/expose gyro and accelerometer via some channel ⚡
    • Implemented in SIXAXIS.SYS mode for RPCS3 readout via GET_FEATURE report
    • For other emulation modes, see if Sensor HID class driver can help
  • Bluetooth: replace current verbose code with DMF_ContinuousRequestTarget ⬇️
  • Add option to chose between event based and periodic output report sending ⚡
  • Address issue of both USB and Bluetooth connection being able at the same time ⚡

Key explanation

Emoji Meaning
High priority/interest
⬇️ Low priority
Potentially useful
🚧 Currently in progress