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Rough road map with useful features (in no particular order):

  • Implement support for Navigation controller ⚡
    • Add USB and Bluetooth Hardware IDs to INF
    • Adapt feature report for setting/getting Bluetooth master address
    • Implement device-specific low battery indicator (LED rapid flashing?)
  • Implement auto-disconnect on wireless after idle timeout to save battery ⚡
  • Implement/expose more options to control pairing behavior ⬇️
  • UI tool for configuration file ⬇️
  • UDP server for cemuhook compatibility ❓
  • Test/fix power behavior (like, what happens when the system wants to sleep with controllers connected etc.) ⚡
  • Integrate ViGEm client SDK for XInput support ⚡
  • Add remapping capabilities ⬇️
    • See jfes
    • Might be redundant due to existing tools
  • Add configurable Turbo Mode for buttons ⬇️
    • Might be redundant due to existing tools
  • Test and document setup with PCSX2, RetroArch ⚡
  • Implement/expose rumble support via PID/FFB ⚡
    • Craft and test necessary PID section for report descriptor
    • Add OEM registry values for DirectInput to detect effects
    • Decode and implement output and feature reports
      • Constant Force effect is implemented
  • Implement/expose gyro and accelerometer via some channel ❓
  • Bluetooth: replace current verbose code with DMF_ContinuousRequestTarget ⬇️
  • Add option to chose between event based and periodic output report sending ⚡
  • Address issue of both USB and Bluetooth connection being able at the same time ⚡

Key explanation

Emoji Meaning
High priority/interest
⬇️ Low priority
Potentially useful
🚧 Currently in progress