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XInput Mode Explained

Work in progress

DsHidMini ships with "XInput Mode" by default, this article explains what that actually means and what to expect when using DsHidMini with modern games instead of emulators. Thoroughly make yourself familiar with this topic, as it avoids confusion and false bug reports about issues that are not within the powers of the driver to change.

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Why is this required, shouldn't it just be plug and play?!

DsHidMini was never intended for use with modern games to begin with, the main goal was to support (PlayStation) emulators first and foremost. I gave you modern game support nonetheless because that's just how awesome I am 😇 Unfortunately most modern game engines are less awesome under the hood in regards to controller handling. If they would actually use XInput as it was intended, you'd be in the clear and wouldn't read these lines. Most engines are enumerating DirectInput and XInput together in a more or less (mostly less) successful way. This can lead to detection and layout issues with DsHidMini. Worry not though, read on to help yourself play your favorite game nonetheless ✨

Double-check you're running in the correct Mode

This may seem obvious but is amongst the most common errors. In DSHMC triple-check on wired and wireless that you're actually in XInput Mode as seen below. If you recently changed it and it appears like nothing happened unplug/disconnect and reconnect the controller for the settings to become active!

DsHidMini Config

Verify Mode in Device Manager

Fire up Device Manager, change the View to Devices by connection to make discovery easier and drill down into the node Nefarius HID Devices. Here you need to find your controller(s) and an additional XINPUT compatible HID device like so:

Device Manager - Default view

Device Manager - View by connections

This is essential, if you don't see the highlighted device, the mode will not work. Check the installation guide again, you might have missed a step 👀

Check controller functionality with test tools

Check controller in joy.cpl

Press the key combination Win+R and enter joy.cpl to bring up the integrated Joystick test and open your device (name might differ on your end, it doesn't matter):


Verify that the layout displayed here matches the one you see:

joy.cpl - Controller

If it differs, you're in the wrong mode or something else is haunted 👻

Check controller in SCPUser.exe

You can download SCPUser from here. It's a very basic and simple XInput detection and test tool. Your controller(s) should show up like so:

SCPUser XInput Test Tool

Check controller in Web Browser

You can also verify the controllers functionality via the Gamepad Tester Website. You may need to wiggle with the controls a bit before it shows up like so:

Gamepad Tester Website

Steam Settings

Steam Controller Settings

Steam Controller detection popup

Road Redemption Example

Per-Game Controller Settings

In-Game Controller Popup

Road Redemption Menu Demo