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ViGEm Runtime .NET Exceptions

This topic is targeted at developers

The contents of this article are for a developer audience, if you need support with the runtime please contact us via the appropriate channels.


No compatible driver was found on the system. Please make sure that driver and runtime are present on the machine by executing the latest setup.


A driver was found but couldn't be accessed. This can hint at multiple issues:

  • The process using the runtime API is not trusted by it.
  • There's been some unforeseen internal error that needs additional debugging to figure out the root cause.


The invoked API is not available with the driver version currently present on the system. Please update to a newer version of the driver (and runtime setup) and retry.


Indicates that the license present on the machine has expired. Please make sure that the machine experiencing this error has internet access and has the service ViGEm License Watchdog running. You can consult the Application logs in the Windows Event Viewer and check for errors from the source ViGEm License Watchdog. Restart the service and ensure it is not firewall'ed.